Copyright Registration

Although copyright protection technically exists as soon as a creative work has been created, securing a federal registration has numerous advantages. Without a federal registration, it is more difficult to enforce your rights to stop acts of infringement, and a federal registration also avoids disputes about authorship by providing evidence of the date of creation. A federal registration is therefore extremely important in stopping infringement, maintaining control of a work, and avoiding costly disputes.

DunlapWeaver’s experienced copyright attorneys have filed copyright applications for a wide variety of clients, including major film studios, photographers, to software developers, writers, musicians, and visual artists. We have also prosecuted copyright applications and requests for reconsideration of application refusals, assisted clients with complex licensing arrangements, and resolved numerous copyright disputes.

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Remember, in order to obtain the maximum benefits of the U.S. Copyright laws, you must file a copyright application prior to publication (before the work is made available to the public) or in some cases within three months of publication. In addition, to ensure full protection, a new registration must be filed for each revision of a work.


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Too many times have I talked with attorneys who have waffled their way through the conversation, either scared to stick their neck out or not knowledgeable enough on the topic. This was NOT the case with Tom Dunlap. He gave clear, concise, actionable views based on his experience and expertise. Highly recommended.

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